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12 January 2020
Credit to SCC Media Team
Green Waste and Tipping Advice Council has been providing concessions to the normal waste fees & charges structure to support our community during this Bushfire crisis.

The changes to fees and charges and options residents can use to dispose of waste are as follows: Bushfire generated waste is waste that has been burnt or damaged by smoke and/or water as a result of the current Bushfire crisis.·       

The waste levy form the NSW government has been removed from the Council’s Waste fees & charges that are applied to Bushfire generated waste and this has effectively halved the cost of disposal of Bushfire generated waste. Note Waste not directly generated by the Bushfire will attract the normal fees and charges.·        

As an extra special measure for the disposal of large volumes of demolition material from an uninsured house, waste disposal costs may be reimbursed. An application for reimbursement must be made via a legally binding Waste Disposal Fee Waiver Request Statutory Declaration (form at the facility or online at·        

Reminder: Items such as steel, electric goods and white goods that are not contaminated and can be separated, ie not mixed with other waste, can be placed in recycling piles at the waste facility free of charge. In addition to the above, all green waste (whether it has been generated as a result of the bushfire or not) can be disposed of free of charge at any Council facility until the close of business on Friday 31 January 2020.** End **
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