Achievements of Shoalhaven Council 2016-21

We take a look at what has been achieved by Shoalhaven City Council under the leadership of Mayor Amanda Findley. This is the positive direction of a forward thinking, progressive Mayor supported by Greens on Council. Imagine what can be achieved when we reelect Amanda Findley with a majority of progressive councillors on December 4.  

There’s still a lot to do, a lot of changes and betterment for environment and community – but to do this, we need more Greens on Council.

Bushfire response:
Shoalhaven an identified national leader in Black Summer Bushfire Recovery

  • Supported community to access State and Federal money: Shoalhaven Business and community received over $45million of State Government Stimulus Money
  • 1,000+ animal water and feed stations installed
  • Rejuvenate Shoalhaven Campaign successful
  • Spend Here This Year Campaign successful 
  • 93% of demolition waste from fire affected buildings recycled – Award winning result
  • Community Recovery into Resilience Program – multiple mental health supports. Community Wellbeing Program – research is underway

Response to Climate Change:

  • Renewable Energy Policy – award winning policy; read summary here.
  • Community Solar Garden
  • 2 staff persons now oversee energy management in Council seeking efficiency and reduction of use across all operations
  • Accelerated Street lighting upgrade completed: total annual savings of $245,000 or more
  • Council has signed long term renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Revolving Energy Fund: returns energy savings to fund for more energy savings projects. 
  • Individual projects: SEC, Bomaderry Works, 95 kW Vincentia WWTP, Nowra library coming up
  • New Solar PV projects are underway at 4 Shoalhaven WWTPs; another 20 community facilities solar and battery funded under RiRP

Response to Climate Change:
Community Advocacy

  • Successfully implemented divestment policy for Council funds – SCC has $5M in Green Bonds
  • Successfully argued for recognition of School Students Strike for Climate
  • Introduced petition on Climate Change Emergency to Council
  • Reported regularly from Climate leadership, Renewable Energy and Australian Coastal Councils Conferences

Vegetation and Biodiversity preservation

  • Brought NaturMapr to Council – now used to document fire recovery and baseline bio-diversity
  • Drove Vegetation Vandalism Policy to include education strategy and significant penalties
  • Collingwood Beach Trial rehabilitation study
  • Mayoral Minute to not sell Garside block, Mollymook; retain for environmental educational 
  • Saved old growth trees on Taylors Lane
  • Saved trees on Island Point Rd Community Reserve
  • Successfully protected Cudmirrah Beach – endangered Shorebirds’ nesting area – from dogs off leash
  • Millards Creek: improved pollution controls

Food Security

  • Funded multiple community gardens including Refugee garden in Meroo Meadow
  • Ran multiple community composting, gardening and household waste reduction workshops
  • Affirmed value of Agricultural land in LEP and refused multiple rezonings for tourist developments

Waste Management:

  • Resource Recovery Facility West Nowra in construction, opening 2022 – Takes Red bin (currently landfill); produces high quality products eg metals for market; organic materials for brick making.
  • Materials Recycling Facility: yellow bin sorted, graded in Nowra for higher quality products to market especially glass
  • Glass recycling plant at West Nowra now operational; commissioned to make recovered glass sand etc
  • 18,000 tonnes of green waste processed into clean mulch in last 12 months 
  • Waste to energy: Energy BioGas plant to open in 2022


  • SCC Affordable Housing Policy – led by Amanda Findley
  • Affordable Housing Project, Bomaderry – Council currently acquiring land 
  • Good quality Medium density encouraged in Nowra, Bomaderry and Ulladulla
  • Moss Vale Urban Release Area – supported; cleared land, good urban design, better environmental design
  • Nowra Heritage Area: Greens led Council action, DCP now exists
  • St Georges Basin: reduced height limit to 8m; supported community campaign against high rise; Greens led Council decision on court action
  • Established in conjunction with Salt Ministries the Homeless Shelter for Nowra

Council advocated to State and or Federal government on the following

  • Federal Government for acceptance of Statement from the Heart and Voice to Parliament
  • Submission to community consultation on Voice to Parliament
  • NSW Government for end to single use plastics – partially implemented
  • Federal government for increase to Newstart – minor change has happened
  • State Government for opening of Lake Conjola to reduce nuisance flooding- successful
  • State Government for end to logging Native Forests, in particular Sth Coast and Brooman
  • State Government against long wall mining under water catchment
  • State Government reinforcing Councils position against balloon releases

Community Champions:

  • $8M for Artie Smith Oval development at Shoalhaven Community Recreational Precinct
  • Secured funding for new Sanctuary Point Library
  • Secured $3.8M funding for Vincentia Village Placemaking
  • Secured additional funds for Milton Library 
  • Continued operation of Shoalhaven Family Day Care
  • Introduced Change Places amenities to the Shoalhaven – now a state wide leader
  • Establishment of the Country University Centre at Ulladulla
  • Supported local children with donations for STEM events
  • Funded new park for the Elsie Young Reserve, Old Erowal Bay 
  • Sanctuary Point Primary school improved footpath from school to skate park
  • Ulladulla Skate Park – planning complete
  • Cullunghutti Plan of Management compliance, Cullunghutti Mountain
  • Supported the Wreck Bay Community in regards to PFAS Pollution
  • Financial support for the Katherine Outback Speak Up Tour
  • Baton Relay for the Commonwealth games
  • Successful Navy celebration 
  • Supported the GJ Gardner’s Variety Freedom House
  • Declared Shoalhaven City Council a Refugee Welcome Zone
  • Regularised Tomerong Quarry
  • Berry Small Farms Field Day
  • Shoalhaven Eisteddfod

Transport and  Traffic:

  • Support for Hyams Beach traffic control – a success story in tourism management 
  • Lobbied for funding for the Princes Highway
  • Called for a review of the city wide transport strategy
  • Public Policy for electric Vehicle Charging Points
  • New Pedestrian crossing Tallwood Ave, Mollymook 
  • Introduced “Going Live” Traffic Portal – live links to local road closures (award nomination for this project)
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