Make electric vehicles accessible

Mayor Amanda Findley and Councillor Tonia Gray have added their voices to a call from 121 local government representatives for legislated fuel efficiency standards.

The Councillors and Mayors have called on the Federal government to help them access electric vehicles for the fleets, which would then ensure a supply of fair-priced second-hand vehicles to consumers.

“Transport is a significant source of emissions at all levels of government – and is the third highest source of emissions nationally behind only electricity and stationary energy,” they said.

“Local governments are doing what we can to switch to electric vehicles (EVs), but our hands are tied.

“A lack of supply to Australia, and the strong federal policy to drive it, makes it difficult to transition our fleets, therefore limiting the availability of secondhand vehicles to communities.

World-class fuel efficiency standards would bring more low and zero emissions vehicles to Australian shores. This will accelerate the transition for councils – and with fleet vehicles entering the secondhand market after three to five years, this ensures communities have access to the best technology at a fair price.”

The statement was co-ordinated by The Cities Power Partnership, a program by the Climate Council to help local governments move to net zero emissions.

It says 80 per cent of the global car market already has standards in place and Australia could have saved $5.9 billion in fuel costs and 9 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions if if had introduced fuel efficiency standards in 2016.

It says a lack of standards means electric cars in Australia are expensive – almost $50,000 at the low end here versus just $18,000 overseas.

“Implementing fuel efficiency standards will incentivise manufacturers to bring their cheaper electric vehicles to the Australian market.”

Check out the Council’s backgrounder on fuel efficiency standards.

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