Greens accuse Gash of giving up on the Shoalhaven

Greens candidate Justin Field has accused Gilmore MP and Mayoral Candidate Joanna Gash of giving up on the Shoalhaven community after recent comments suggesting the only hope for the region was for residents to seek work in the mining industry in Western Australia.

The comments follow an announcement by Ms Gash that she had secured an agreement with mining billionaire Gina Rhinehart’s Roy Hill Holdings to participate in a jobs forum in the Illawarra later this year.

Mr Field said, “what sort of local MP spends their time encouraging people to look for work outside of their community instead of trying to create local opportunities?

“If Ms Gash has given up on the Shoalhaven then I suggest she gives up running for Mayor.

Ms Gash described the involvement of Roy Hill in the jobs forum as offering some real hope and encouragement to the region.

“I suggest a multibillion dollar mining company can run its own recruitment campaign. Our local MP and all current and future councillors should be building hope and encouragement for the Shoalhaven by focusing on creating local job opportunities.

“The Greens want to create local jobs in specialist manufacturing and agriculture. These are long-term and sustainable industries. Council plays and important role in local planning to encourage these industries in the region.

“It is also important that council works to improve community transport so people can access local education and employment opportunities.

“The National Broadband Network opens the possibility for a future technology park. The next council can play an active role in attracting these sorts of industries to the Shoalhaven.

“It is clear Ms Gash has run out of ideas for our community. It’s good that local residents find this out now, rather then after the election when they are looking for leadership from a new council,” Mr Field said.

Contact: Justin Field 0439 205 835

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