Council Votes in Marriage Equality

The Shoalhaven City Council has joined the growing numbers of councils that publicly support marriage equality in Australia. By a vote of 8 to 5, councillors last night agreed to a motion supporting marriage equality, after a debate described as deeply respectful and emotional.

Mayor Findley, and Greens councillors Nina Cheyne, John Levett and Kaye Gartner all voted in favour of the motion. Dawn Hawkins, organiser for Marriage Equality Gilmore, has moved to thank those who took part in the vote. “I was personally moved by the respect, which was pointed out by Mayor Findley, everyone in the room showed each other and the issue of Marriage Equality. … It means the Council is listening to their people and it means we can strengthen our support to talk to our MP; and it encourages our community to know it’s okay to be who we are.”

The vote watched by Greens members and members of Marriage Equality Gilmore, represents further evidence of support for Greens policy supporting social justice.

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