Councillors jeopardise Multimillion Dollar Funding into the Shoalhaven

At the Strategy and Assets meeting Mayor Amanda Findley proposed that Council support the Riversdale / Bundanon Trust Funding application to the Commonwealth ‘Building Better Regions’ ahead of the Councils project at the North Nowra basketball Stadium.
“It was a very difficult decision to come to in some ways but the economic benefits for the Riversdale project far outweigh the economics of the basketball Stadium. Partnering with Bundanon Trust for the Riversdale project will help to realise this $28.5 million project, if it is a successful application”.
Following a rescission motion, Councillors Guile, Watson and Pakes brought everyone back to debate again whether the Sports Complex should be put back to the top of the list. Council had offered assurances that the Sports Hall was funded already but that the Riversdale project would create 142 jobs during the construction phase and 59 ongoing jobs for our area thereafter and was the stronger contender for the highly competitive funding round.  The tactic of repeatedly using rescission motions is becoming obstructive to getting things done on Council, costing a great deal to the ratepayers, who ‘The Independents’ claim to represent.

The South Coast Register, no supporter of the Greens, were slow in realising they had fallen victim to ‘false news’ from councillor Guile and produced a stinging editorial.

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