Shoalhaven Greens candidates for March 23rd State election 2019: Nina and Kim


Nina Digiglio : for the state seat of Kiama

As a Shoalhaven City Councillor and specialist Parkinson’s clinical nurse consultant, I’m excited to run as the Greens candidate for the state seat of Kiama.

Our political system is broken, and it’s going to take something very different to inspire our communities. I want to bring values such as respect, kindness, compassion and integrity back to our political conversations, tempered with sound, practical ideas and projects that provide opportunities for all residents to be their best selves. Read more……


Kim Stephenson : for the state seat of South Coast
I’m running for the seat of South Coast to ensure our residents all have opportunities in life for a decent income, stable job, good education and housing. Progress in our beautiful part of the country has stalled, but with better governance, South Coast can become a leader in renewable energy, combating climate change, ending environmental destruction, and social inclusiveness. Read more…..

Shoalhaven Greens ask you to help get our candidates elected

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