Free Documentary Movie Screening.

CSG Free Shoalhaven along with the Wilderness Society will hold a screening of “Pilliga Rising” A 40 minute documentary that takes viewers on a journey involving the intimate lives of four Australians who anchor themselves in courage and convey a desire for unity against coal seam gas in their North West, New South Wales communities. The final step of the Narrabri Gas Assessment is coming up soon when the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) (if it still is) steps in as the determining authority for the project. They will more than likely call for another round of submissions and will almost certainly call a public hearing in Narrabri to hear verbal submissions.They received 23,000 odd submissions of objection last time, the most on any development.

The Narrabri Project proceeding will see 850 Coal Seam Gas Wells Fracked in the Pilliga State Forest causing extra Pollution of Air, Land and Water while adding to Climate Change and Polluting Copious amounts of Water with Fracking Fluids. That’s all without the fire threats from leaves floating through Gas Flares and igniting fires that the RFS has said are to dangerous to go in and fight Plus we have the Massive Piles of residual Salt, that they still have not figured out what to do with…. This project proceeding will open up NSW to Coal Seam Gas. It is not the Transition Fuel that we are led to believe. It will also not lower our Gas Prices or Emissions. As a result of this CSG Free Shoalhaven and The Wilderness Society are holding this Free screening of Pilliga Rising in order to raise awareness of this issue and actions that we can take to keep CSG out of NSW, as we have bore witness to what’s already happened in Queensland and overseas. Our Petroleum Exploration License PEL469 was Cancelled back in October 2014.

We also had MLC Justin Field table our petitions later asking the upper house to rule out Future CSG Exploration in the Shoalhaven and it Passed… so our area is safe for now, with many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! but CSG is still a threat in NSW with the Narrabri Gas Project looming and CSG wells still operating near homes in the Camden area of Spring Farm and Mount Annan until 2023, some wells, within 100 meters of homes Screening details; Wednesday the 27th of November, 7pm till 8.40pm at the Bomaderry Bowling Club, 154 Meroo Road, Bomaderry in the Sunshine Room. Hugh Barrett and Justin Field will provide current information on Coal Seam Gas in NSW and the Narribri Gas Project. A Q&A follows after the film. Entry is Free with Tea and Coffee by Donation to Help Cover Costs. Any profit from the evening will go to the Wilderness Society.

Yours Sincerely Trish Kahler For A CSG Free Shoalhaven

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