Saving the trees on Taylor’s lane

Spotted Gums – Under unnecessary threat of demolition

Call to Action: How many times have you driven past a development and said ‘What a terrible shame they cut down all the trees?!

Thoughts into action! We have to lodge a Rescission Motion to Governance regarding Taylors Lane, Cambewarra/Bomaderry.

This matter must not be ignored!! I just can’t stop thinking about the stress and wildlife loss.

Sign in favour of the rescission (pertaining to the loss of trees) along with me and many other very concerned residents.

Please help us by getting word out and making a lot of noise about it so we can turn this decision around and not be rushed into another unnecessary loss of trees and damage to local wildlife for an imaginary urgent timetable. This can be a win/win development with all the trees!

Write a short letter of how you feel about the issue. Show you care about this decision!

Write emails or a letter today and let ALL Councillors know how you feel about the losing 317 beautiful trees that could be so easily avoided with more thoughtful engineering and planning solutions for this subdivision!

Keep our Shoalhaven City Green. Thanking you all in advance.


Nina Digiglio


All Councillors

Taylors Lane – 317 Tree Demolition Plan

By Nina Digiglio

Shoalhaven City Councillor

There must be a better way with a balanced plan and outcome for both safety of residents and the Environment!

Residents of Taylors Lane have expressed concerns about the use of Taylors Lane for construction vehicle access to the Moss Vale Rd South Urban Release Area (URA). I am not against progress or development what I ask for is a balanced approach to having roads and housing that serves the community, but also preserves the natural environment as much as possible, and from my dealings with the community in this region their concerns are my concerns.

A strong collective community preference for Option 2 was put quite strongly at a meeting with council officers on 26 August 2019. Residents were unconvinced by Council arguments that Option 4, which is to remove all 317 trees with most trees being mature, healthy and irreplaceable.

Support for Option 2 will avoid destruction of most of the trees in Taylors Lane (mainly Spotted Gums). This was clearly the community’s preference at both a public meeting held last February 2019 and in the clear majority of submissions following the public display of the options in March 2020.

I have personally had a large number of representations  on this issue and it just  cannot be ignored, in fact I have a moral responsibility as a Councillor especially representing  my constituents in Ward 1  to listen and explore opportunities for better outcomes for this community taking into consideration the concerns of the people that live there and those that value their environment.

As a Councillor, it’s imperative the community are heard regarding this issue. The Mayor and Greens Councillors voted unanimously for Option 2 along with the Labour Member. However, it is clear where the Shoalhaven Independents stand on this issue and it is very disappointing indeed. The community have had enough of tree lopping especially given our Black Summer where locals in Kangaroo Valley and Budgong in the ward 1 region are still recovering after the severe losses of homes, wildlife and trees. It is up to the community to flood their Councillors’ email boxes to express their views before Tuesday 26th May 2020 to reverse the decision and outcomes option 4 would bring! 


  1. Absolutely right, there are options that keep the trees.
    Let’s male sire all councillors get flooded with messages supporting Option 2

  2. The trees along this lane are so beautiful. Rural streetscapes like this make the Shoalhaven such a wonderful area in which to live and so attractive to our visitors. Destruction of this lane would see the demise of yet more wildlife struggling to hold on after the bushfire devastation. There seem to be elements on Shoalhaven Council intent on waging war against nature. Michael Cox, Kanagroo Valley

  3. Too many trees are being cut down in the Shoalhaven. We need trees to breathe clean air and to mitigate the extent of climate change. We need trees to keep our cities cool. The animals need trees to live in. Stop cutting trees down. Tell those councillors on SCC that are hell bent on destroying our natural environment to step back and see the need for trees

    1. Hi. We all need to tell them. Put it in writing, by email or whatever. It has to be noted then.
      I don’t think a phone call to council is good enough. Just do it folks. Please don’t rely on ‘others’. Everyone is exhausted by past events and continuing stresses. Be someone who makes a difference.

  4. Please post more info on this with a link to the issues and previous info. Margaret Barnaby

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