Stop logging our Great Koala National Park!

Last weekend Greens MP Cate Faehrmann visited what must be one of the most special places in NSW: the beautiful forests of the Great Koala National Park on the mid-north coast. Cate left heartbroken but more determined than ever. 

Some of these forests, which are home to spotted-tail quolls, powerful owls, glossy black cockatoos and yellow-bellied gliders and, as the name suggests, koalas, are scheduled to be logged to the ground any day now.

You read that right. Koalas in NSW are closer to extinction every day, but still the Liberal/National Government is letting in the bulldozers and logging machines to destroy core koala habitat which is critical to the survival of our national icon and must be protected. 

This World Environment Day The Greens are asking you to pledge to fight back for koalas. Are you in?


World Environment Day is 5 June and this year’s theme is #GenerationRestoration. What better way to celebrate than by taking action to protect and restore koala habitat to save our koalas from extinction? Here’s the plan: 

  • We’re going to letterbox tens of thousands of flyers with a petition targeting the Premier, Planning Minister and Environment Minister telling them to stop logging our  Great Koala National Park and to strengthen laws that protect koala habitat on private land.
  • We’ll rally on World Environment Day in Sydney, or organise a pop-up protest outside your local MPs office wherever you are.
  • We’ll target all NSW MPs to tell them to take their own pledge to save koalas from extinction! 

Are you ready to step up once again? Please take the pledge now and let me know what you can do for koalas this World Environment Day. 

The more flyers we can get out there the greater impact we’re going to have. The Greens team has already begun putting something together, we just need to know you’re with us. 

Sign up now and we’ll be in touch. 

Cate will be in touch again soon. In the meantime, please ask koala-lovers everywhere to pledge to act this World Environment Day. 

PS it’s not just the Great Koala National Park that’s at risk. New koala laws actually make it harder to protect koala habitat on private land, and big developers continue to bulldoze koala habitat including in Sydney’s very own koala paradise in Campbelltown – putting at risk one of our healthiest and happiest koala colonies.

Sign up now and let’s fight back

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