Australian Greens 2022 Election Platform

We will tax the billionaires & big corporations, and provide the things we all need for a better life. 

A safe climate. Free healthcare for all. Free education for all. Affordable housing. Secure, well paid jobs. An end to all forms of discrimination. These policies aren’t just possible, they’re necessary, and they’re achievable.

Together, we can kick the Liberals out and put the Greens in the balance of power. In the balance of power, we can get real climate action, make the big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax, and deliver free mental and dental care for all. But that’s not all.

This is a plan for a better future for us all.

The plan includes:
– A Treaty with First Nations people
– Affordable homes and real rights for renters
– Outlawing insecure work
– A living wage
– Free education for all, for life
– Reviving manufacturing, sustainable infrastructure, rolling out renewables and high-speed rail
– Equality for all and freedom from harassment, violence and discrimination
– Fixing the National Disability Insurance Scheme, invest in aged care, and defend and extend Medicare to cover mental health and dental

Together we can build a better future.


If you like what you read, join us to make it happen!

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