Tonia Gray to run for Kiama

Shoalhaven councillor and Berry resident, Dr Tonia Gray, has been chosen to run for the Greens in the state seat of Kiama.

Dr Gray said she was running for parliament because more capable women are needed in politics.

“Our local communities are demanding transparent and honest decision making,” Dr Gray said.

“The current government has done nothing to address housing affordability and emergency accommodation, has widened the inequality gap, and transitioned too slowly into renewables. 

“NSW’s education and health systems are beyond breaking point, we are haemorrhaging good people. 

“Our youngest and brightest are the invisible casualties of COVID confronting the uncertainty of life due to ten natural disasters in three years.”

Government transparency is also on her agenda.

“Moving to a socially just, ecologically sustainable, and clean economic future for us all are my core objectives” she said. 

“The Greens in NSW have a comprehensive 50 point policy plan to support those objectives.”

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