Affordable secure housing for all

Freeze rents, rebuild and refresh social and affordable housing

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in a place they can call home. Unfortunately, in places like South Coast where demand for housing is high, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable housing.

The cost of housing is out of control. Here in South Coast, rents are skyrocketing and the availability of affordable homes is at a crisis point. People of all ages are struggling to find affordable, secure housing and frontline service workers can’t find suitable homes close to their jobs.

Social and affordable housing in areas like Nowra is well past its use-by date and no longer fit for purpose. Around a third of residents are experiencing rental stress as a result of unfair rent increases and unreasonable demands from landlords.

Under Amanda Findley’s leadership as Mayor, Shoalhaven City Council has taken strong action in support of South Coast residents who are struggling to find or keep a home. Amanda as Mayor has driven the Bomaderry Housing Project to build more long-term affordable housing.

Amanda has also advocated tirelessly for State Government to replace and expand our declining social housing supply. Through her committed support of projects like the Nowra Homeless Shelter, she has also made sure that those who are experiencing homelessness get the shelter and resources they need. As part of the project to redevelop Shoalhaven Hospital, Amanda championed the need to include nursing accommodation so the critical health workers our community depends on can live in suitable housing close to work.

If elected to represent South Coast, Amanda will work hard to ensure the community has a housing plan that addresses population growth and housing affordability – while also protecting our beautiful natural environment from reckless development. She will push for Nowra’s social and affordable housing stock to be rebuilt and refreshed so residents can feel safe and secure in their homes. With her Greens colleagues in NSW Parliament, Amanda will fight for rent freezes and better protection of renters’ rights, so tenants have the housing security they deserve. With Amanda’s strong local voice in the NSW Parliament, the housing needs of South Coast residents will be heard.

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