Protect our precious Coast

Preserve and protect South Coast’s unique natural environment

The South Coast is one of New South Wales’ and Australia’s most spectacular areas. Our pristine beaches, lush bushland, beautiful river systems, important ecological communities and stunning native flora and fauna are what draw so many to live and holiday in the region. 

But the unspoilt natural beauty that makes South Coast such a special place to live and visit is under threat from climate change, reckless development, “zombie DA’s”, mismanagement and insufficient resourcing and funding.

Having lived in the South Coast for close to 30 years, Amanda has a deep appreciation of our area’s fragile natural environment. Now serving her 15th year on Shoalhaven City Council – her 7th as popularly-elected Mayor – Amanda has a strong track record in protecting and preserving our beautiful environment.

Amanda has stood with the community of South Brooman Forest to demand an end to forestry logging which is threatening the future of one of the tallest spotted gums in the world – a majestic more than 500-year-old tree.

She has also joined residents across South Coast in communities like Manyana to push back against reckless land clearing for developments approved under “zombie DAs”, which don’t meet the needs of today’s communities or acknowledge the worsening impacts of the climate crisis. 

Tackling climate change is high on Amanda’s agenda. As Mayor of the Shoalhaven, she was instrumental in the roll out of the region’s first ever Community Solar Farm, which is now supplying clean, green energy to homes and businesses across the region. Under her leadership, Shoalhaven Council also installed solar PV projects at four wastewater treatment plants which is making a strong contribution to a lower carbon footprint.

If elected, Amanda will take the fight to end all logging in native forests to the NSW Parliament. To protect the future of Australia’s threatened and endangered native species, many of which call South Coast home, Amanda will push the next government to stop land clearing for reckless and unsustainable development. She will also lobby for planning decisions to be returned to the hands of locals who know and understand South Coast. 

As she has done already in her role as Shoalhaven Mayor, Amanda will continue to advocate for zombie DAs that aren’t activated within a reasonable timeframe to be reassessed in line with evolving environmental impacts and community concerns. She will also work to put an end to the wholesale clearing for new subdivisions and support strengthening environmental protections to better protect habitat for endangered species.

Amanda’s leadership and experience will ensure together we can protect and preserve South Coast’s unique natural environment for future generations.

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