Quality health services

Better conditions and pay for our health workers, better services and facilities for our communities

We all deserve access to quality medical and health care services whether we’re single, part of a growing family, or entering retirement. Investing in our healthcare workers and building high-quality health facilities across our region has long-term benefits for the whole community.

In South Coast, our nurses, midwives and paramedics are underpaid and overworked. We are experiencing a GP crisis in communities such as the Bay and Basin, where there are not enough doctors to provide adequate care to our growing communities. In the south, mothers have to travel an hour or more to birthing facilities because of a lack of midwives at Milton-Ulladulla Hospital. Trainee healthcare workers enjoy completing placements in our region, but a lack of affordable housing and the need to travel long distances for shifts discourages many from relocating permanently once qualified.

During her time on Council, Amanda has consistently advocated for improved health facilities across the region, making sure community needs and wants were front and centre in the redevelopment of Shoalhaven hospital. 

Amanda has also stood with nurses in their fight for better ratios and increased pay. She has also campaigned to bring more doctors to the Bay and Basin area. Working with the University of Wollongong, Amanda supported the continuation of funding for health, medical services and nursing courses at the UOW Shoalhaven campus in West Nowra. This is crucial in ensuring local young people can complete their studies – and fulfil their health career goals – without leaving the region.

If elected to represent the people of South Coast, Amanda will support an immediate 15% pay increase for nurses, midwives and paramedics. The Greens are the only party supporting this increase. She will also push for healthcare workers to get a pay rise of 2% above inflation every year for the next four years. 

Amanda will also call on the next government to bring back birthing facilities to Milton-Ulladulla Hospital so families in the south can have peace of mind that expertise is close-by. Amanda will call for better rostering for all healthcare workers in the region, so they can better plan their lives and manage their responsibilities to their families. She will also continue to advocate for incentives to attract GPs and trainee health professionals to South Coast to help fill skills shortages and allow for better strategic planning to manage the health needs of our growing communities.

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