Safer, better maintained roads

Road repairs and funding to keep our community safe

Well maintained roads keep us all safe when we are travelling around our area for work, to visit family and friends or to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. During emergencies such as bushfires and floods, knowing that everyone – including our emergency services – can get in and out of villages and travel up and down the coast safely is vitally important. When natural disasters do happen, having access to immediate funding and resources to fix our road issues quickly and make routes accessible once again is crucial to keeping our community safe and productive.

The Shoalhaven and South Coast has repeatedly been promised state funding to repair several heavy volume roads, yet the NSW Government has continually reneged on these promises. Disaster funding to help repair roads including Wheelbarrow Rd and Yalwal Rd  damaged during the 2019-20 bushfires has also come too late, hindered by red tape. Lack of staffing support and resources has meant our roads are repaired in a piecemeal fashion. With the next storm, potholes re-appear.

Following the bushfires and floods in 2020, as Shoalhaven Mayor, Amanda led negotiations to pull together $10million in funding for road works. A 50:50 split with the Federal Government, this funding is helping to return our roads to the safe condition our community deserves. Under Amanda’s leadership, important improvements have been made to the Princes Highway from Nowra Bridge to the JB turn-off. Amanda’s advocacy with the state government on these important upgrades has helped solve significant traffic bottlenecks for residents.

If Amanda is elected to represent South Coast in parliament, she will use her strong local voice to apply pressure on the government to come good on their promises for our roads. She will push for extra funding to improve the condition of roads across South Coast so that residents and visitors can travel safely and have confidence our roads are up to the task in emergencies.

For our villages with only one road in and out, Amanda will push for funding and resources to ensure residents are protected in times of trouble. 

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