Fracking – It’s crunch time!

Last night the NSW Legislative Council passed a Bill to put a moratorium on all coal seam gas mining in NSW! Usually this would be a day of celebration, but in HUGE BREAKING NEWS the Government has decided to rush through a vote on the bill in the Legislative Assembly to try to kill off our efforts to protect land, water and communities from fracking. The government are so scared that a campaign to convince members of the National Party to cross the floor and make the Bill law might be successful that they are rushing the Bill through today.

This means we need your help TODAY to get the word out and put pressure on all MPs to support the Bill.  

Normally in these emails we would give you a single clear action you can take to help out, but this is not a normal day.  Today is a day for speed and so we need you to take the initiative to help spread the word. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Call or email your local State MP asking them to support the Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill 
  2. Call your local ABC radio or other local radio station 
  3. Write to your local paper
  4. Call or email your friends and family and ask them to do the same
  5. Share this post on social media 

The Government know the power of community opposition to coal seam gas.  It has made politicians change their mind in the past and they are worried that it will happen again – that is why they are rushing this Bill to a vote today.

For our land, our water, our communities and our future, we need you today.

CREDIT to Justin Field

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