Money! How is it Spent ?


Money, Money, Money … Do you want to know how its spent on Shoalhaven City Council

According to a summary by SCC Chief Executive Officer, these are the “Key Activities and Major Projects” for 2020-21.

·    Boongaree Nature Playground – Stage 1 construction of nature-based play Youth Zone including family picnic, BBQ facilities and amenities block [in Berry].

·    Deliver two new Croquet Courts at Ulladulla Sports Park

·    Complete skate park improvements at Ulladulla and Sanctuary Point

·    Undertake the community consultation on the detailed design for the new Sanctuary Point District Library, and progress to construction as soon as possible.

·    Advocate for funding to realise Council’s vision for the Shoalhaven Community and Recreation Precinct [in Bomaderry]

·    Progress work on the Far-North Collector Road to help bust traffic congestion and accommodate future housing growth [near Cambewarra]

·    Continue to lobby for funding to complete additional works to sustain effective management of Lake Conjola.

·    Complete the rehabilitation of the Shoalhaven Heads River Road Foreshore Precinct through drainage works, construction of new revetment wall and providing beach access

The plan aims to deliver economic stimulus. Can you see that happening with these projects? Is your area a beneficiary?

Do you see enough – or any – focus on environmental protection? Renewable Energy? Climate adaptation?

Without a rate rise, even these projects are vulnerable.

Less revenue, less spending right?

What do you think of the proposal for a 3.4% rate rise?

Or a O% rate rise? Or somewhere in between?

Economic downturns usually mean increased inequality. Is revenue reduction the wise way forward for our entire community?

The draft Delivery and Operational Plan (DPOP) 2020-21 is out; you can read it here:

Your views are needed now.

Credit to then SG SCC Council Team Nina,Kaye, John, & Amanda

Photo taken at the Shoalhaven Council Mayors Office of Amanda Findley 2020

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  1. The level of services in the Shoalhaven need to be improved. We also need to consider inequality, we need to support those worst affected by COVID and the bushfires.
    I would support a rate rise!

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