Enough! – #March4Justice

Over the next 2 days, the women’s March 4 Justice rallies to end gendered violence are happening around the country. Peaceful protests are happening across all major cities and in many regional areas.

Organisers from March 4 Justice are asking those who attend to wear black and practice COVID safety, as well as sun safety. They ask attendees to wear masks, to practice social distancing where possible, and to please not attend if they’re sick or have been in contact with someone who has.

Thanks to The New Bush Telegraph our community has been able to share their stories, including our fellow Green, Takesa Frank.

These articles give voice to women’s equality and to equality for all in the quest for a better fairer world free of the repressive patriarchal rule – a structure that has dominated for far too long. These articles represent a range of voices in our community and fodder to help you develop and harness your views, experiences, and perhaps anger and rage, at the inequalities still plaguing women today in 2021.

Shoalhaven political commentator, Andy Hutchinson, whom stands beside women amplifying their voice, writes an astute article which calls an end to violence, sexual harassment and abuse from the outdated patriarchy. Read Andy’s article Sins of the Father – Australia’s patriarchy under the spotlight here.

In Touched – Business as Usual; Why I March for Justice, Magella Blinksell draws on her South Coast roots incited by the ignorance and arrogance of patriarchal political point scoring that still directs governance in this country. Magella draws on her lived experiences – her paternal great grandmother, one of the stolen generation, her maternal grandmother, an escapee of Nazi war-torn Europe, bushfires and memories of her own university days in 1988. Read Magella’s powerful article here.

Takesa Frank aspires to a political career where she can take her work protecting forestry and the environment further. As a young woman with political aspirations she calls for a clean-up at all levels of government to encourage more women to follow this empowering pathway. However currently all she receives from the community is discouragement, people fearing she will sink in the dirty playing field of politics. Read Takesa’s article here.

Sam Noonan defends women, those less abled and those from different backgrounds while calling for equality for those without a voice. In Why She Will Not March, Sam herself legally blind, compares her freer voice with that of a nineteen-year-old international student, also legally blind, and notes the repression that must end for us all to be truly equal and experience its associated freedom. Read Sam’s full article here.

Did you end up attending the rally? Please send photos of high quality to Facebook Messages.

March 4 Justice is not associated with Shoalhaven Greens

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