What’s next for the Koalas?

As you are are aware, due to extreme flooding, our Day of Action for Koalas had to be cancelled. 

You can rest assured that we haven’t gone anywhere and we are still fighting. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and we’ll be in touch again soon about that. But a sneak peek – expect a big day of action including doorknocking and letterboxing in key electorates to let the Premier and her Ministers know we will never give up fighting for our koalas.

In the meantime, many of you have emailed Greens MP Cate Faehrmann with questions about the government’s new koala laws, or ‘SEPP.’ Are they really so bad? Well, yes they are.

Here’s the lowdown: 

Firstly, we know that two-thirds of koala habitat is found on private land. So to prevent koalas from becoming extinct, it’s pretty obvious we need to protect that habitat.

Yet the government’s latest policy actually makes it harder to protect koala habitat on private land! Yep, once again the Libs have caved in to the National Party and their powerful timber, developer and farming mates and delivered a weak policy that will do nothing to stop extinction of our beloved koalas. 

Sad koala sitting on a felled tree

The new laws actually exempt rural, agricultural and forestry lands from being subject to any of the protections outlined in the new SEPP. That means 80% of land that would be covered, isn’t. It’s all starting to sound like a sick joke, isn’t it? 

We believe it’s more important than ever that we maintain the pressure to protect koala habitat. That’s why we are committed to continuing to organise Days of Action, including one focused on the Premier and Planning Minister’s seats. They can’t for one second think they’ve gotten away with this, so can you please send an email using our simple form letting them know that the new koala laws stink?


It feels like we are forever fighting for koalas. But if the politicians won’t act then it’s up to you. Thank you for standing up for koalas in the past, and for continuing to do so.  

We don’t want to imagine a future without koalas and I know you don’t either. 

Thank you for always stepping up. 

PS want to find out more about the new koala laws? Cate has put up a handy explainer on her website here.

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