Meet the Candidates!

There is real excitement in the air as the Shoalhaven Greens announce the six lead Candidates for this years Local Government Elections.

This exciting, fresh and enthusiastic team will do us proud heading towards September 2021, and beyond.

Get behind Mayor Amanda Findley and the Shoalhaven Greens. Honest, Compassionate Leadership.


Amanda Findley

I’ve lived on the NSW South Coast for 17 years and have been representing the Greens on the Shoalhaven City Council for more than a decade. My working life has been diverse – I’ve operated a family business, had a career in banking and now own and operate a cattle farm in the Milton area.

I’m a big believer in community consultation, which is why I chose to be part of a party that’s all about grassroots involvement. During my time on Council I’ve witnessed how important community involvement is to local projects and I’m convinced that local knowledge is an essential ingredient for finding solutions to local problems.

I also believe passionately in good land use planning, an issue that is highly contested in regional NSW. Very little protection is given to productive agricultural land and The Greens are the only party that have delivered a comprehensive plan for Australia’s food security, one that protects farms and waterways. The ‘old’ political parties have failed regional Australia by refusing to recognise the value of food production land.

As a beef cattle farmer, I understand the challenges facing many businesses in regional areas around the country, with difficult access to markets and reliance on road freight. I want to provide a voice for regional Australian farmers and business owners, to make sure that the issues that matter to us find a forum in the Australian parliament.

I’ve also seen how regional communities are affected by high unemployment, especially among young people. We need to provide services or those affected by underemployment and socio-economic disadvantage. And we need to give our young people reason to stay in regional areas, by providing work and education opportunities. The Greens are calling for investment in food production and in renewable energies, two industries that can provide jobs and training in regional areas for many years to come.

The Greens are a party that understand regional Australia and appreciate the essential role played by our regional and rural communities. We want to protect the well-being of those communities by providing health, education and cultural services as well as long term job opportunities and prospects for business. A vote for The Greens is a vote for the future of regional Australia.

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Ward 1

Tonia Gray

Tonia Gray was raised in Port Kembla to blue collar workers and is now a long-term resident of Berry. She is passionate about driving change and positively contributing to the community and the world.

As custodian of a 10-hectare property named ‘Dadirri’, which is Aboriginal for “deep listening, everything will unfold in its own time and place”, deeply listening to Shoalhaven constituents, creating resilient communities and building sustainable jobs in tourism, construction and agriculture are Tonia’s top priorities. 

Tonia is a lifelong educator and passionate public education advocate, proudly the first in her family to graduate university. She is a Professor in Social Ecology and her interdisciplinary work explores human-nature relationships and their impact on wellbeing. 

Tonia is also a mother, and a daughter of an elderly mother in aged care. She spent her formative years embedded in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities alongside immigrants and those less privileged. This background has forged a passion for justice and equity. 

Tonia has a strong vision for what the Shoalhaven can become now and for future generations. Tonia’s goal is to achieve a socially just, economically sustainable and ecologically responsible Shoalhaven community. 

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Bradley Stanton

Bradley Stanton has lived in North Nowra with his husband for over 10 years. He works, socialises and shops in Ward 1 and wants to contribute to a better Shoalhaven. 

Bradley’s priority is helping people, understanding community issues and representing the interests of his fellow community members to build a stronger Shoalhaven. 

For more than half a decade, Bradley has been employed as a Restaurant Manager in Nowra. He also has experience in retail management and radio announcing, and currently writes for a local newspaper.   

Bradley is also very active within the community, advocating on environmental, homelessness, anti-over-development, and accessibility issues. He volunteers regularly to assist the homeless and for the past two years, has been nominated for NSW Volunteer of the Year. 

Bradley is standing as a Candidate for the Shoalhaven to ensure the interests of all members of the community are heard and represented.

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Ward 2

Evan Christen

Volunteer firefighter Evan Christen is passionate about community and supporting each other. His goal is to contribute to a future Shoalhaven that is healthy, sustainable and equitable for all.

Evan’s top priorities include bush fire safety, jobs beyond tourism, improved health services, including mental health, improvements for our Indigenous communities and addressing climate change.

He is driven by a desire to see our land, rivers, forests and coasts sustainably used and protected for our future generations.

Working in environmental management, Evan has a love of the land and farming to produce the food and fibre we all need every day. In his work, he has also been privileged to engage and learn from Indigenous Australians, developing a deep respect for their culture.

Evan is community-minded. He has volunteered in crisis and suicide counselling, been a buddy to those with mental health challenges, currently volunteers with the Rural Fire Service and a number of community groups.

Born in Kenya, Evan has lived in the Shoalhaven for many decades. His motto is simple: “Be kind”. He is committed to taking the Shoalhaven forward with change for the better.

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Joanne Warren

Joanne Warren has lived and worked in the Shoalhaven for more than 30 years, including 28 years in the Bay and Basin area where she has raised her family. 

With a long career in education, including 25 years at Vincentia High School, Joanne is well known and respected in the community. Through her time as a teacher, she has developed a deep understanding of the strengths and concerns of Shoalhaven residents.

Passionate about social justice and equity, Joanne has a desire to be actively involved in developing solutions and contributing to a better Shoalhaven. 

Joanne is involved in a broad range of groups and organisations within the community, including convening the Bay and Basin Amnesty Group in 2014. This group has hit the streets for the Marriage Equality campaign, Indigenous and Refugee rights, and collaborated with Illawarra Multicultural Health to develop appropriate programs to fill identified needs. 

Joanne is also involved in the annual Sahssi30 fundraising walk, is the current Public Officer for the Huskisson Heritage Association and plays an active role in Our Future Shoalhaven.

As an avid mountain biker, beach-goer, dog owner, all-round lover of outdoor activity and sport, Joanne’s goal for the future Shoalhaven is find ways to balance management of the area’s unique environment with sustainable development that strengthens education and work opportunities for all.

Joanne values all voices and opinions and believes it is possible to find common ground through listening and collaboration. Throughout her campaign, you will find Joanne listening without judgement and understanding what the community wants for the Shoalhaven.

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Ward 3

Moo Dath

Moo Dath has been a resident of the Shoalhaven for 24 years, arriving as a young single woman and raising her two sons as a single mother on Centrelink. 

Through these stages of life, Moo and her sons accessed many of the Shoalhaven’s facilities including pools, sports fields, skate parks, libraries and community centres. Always an active community participant, Moo has been heavily involved at committee level in many local sporting groups including Little Athletics, Ulladulla Dockers, Frogs Hola Management Committee, West Ulladulla Sport Complex and the Ulladulla Skatepark. She currently volunteers at several organisations, including helping with bushfire recovery and assisting the homelessness in our community. 

Moo is passionate about our youth and our environment. Her goal is to ensure young people in the Shoalhaven have access to mental and physical health services, affordable housing, employment opportunities, and most importantly, adequate schooling. She is also committed to responsible bushfire management and the regeneration of our flora and fauna to preserve our environment for generations to come. 

On a professional level, Moo has taught yoga, breathing, meditation, fitness, circus and mental health workshops. She was also previously employed by TAFE NSW in their At Risk Youth Program.  

Moo’s top priorities for a better future Shoalhaven are affordable housing, mental health services, youth issues, employment, education and training funding and upgrading our sports grounds, parks and outdoor areas for all.

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Takesa Frank

At just 19, Takesa Frank is the youngest candidate for the Greens Shoalhaven. But what she lacks in years, she makes up for with passion, commitment and enthusiasm.

Takesa graduated from Ulladulla High School in 2019 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Geography at the University of Wollongong. Her goal is to learn how the environment interacts with flora and fauna to better understand how to protect our natural world for generations to come.

Takesa’s passion for campaigning and freedom of speech started during her school years where she was a leader and active participant in several of projects aimed at giving youth a platform to speak up on issues of importance, such as climate change.

In 2019, Takesa was co-founder of Youth Voice, a group where youth in the Shoalhaven area can come to together to share thoughts on pressing, real-word issues in their area. Last year, rallying the Shoalhaven City Council to declare a climate emergency was top of the group’s agenda.

As a young Indigenous woman, Takesa is proud to represent her culture and hopes to become a voice for Aboriginal people in the Shoalhaven, listening and raising awareness for those who are often misrepresented or pushed to the side.

Coming from up in a close-knit family of six, Takesa is passionate about the Shoalhaven community. She is motivated to be a leader for youth in the community and fellow Aboriginal people to help build a better Shoalhaven for all.

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For Campaign Enquiries please contact Campaign Director Peter Winkler via email.

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