Housing Crisis Deepens : Family of seven evicted!

Gilmore is not only showing the scars of multiple back-to-back climate impacts, but the human toll is escalating as the housing crisis deepens.

With winter on its way and housing prospects grim, many have once again turned to their cars and camps for shelter.

Nowra mother and foster parent Pat Roberts was evicted from her South Nowra home in November, when her daughter was in hospital dying of cancer, and the market is so tight Pat has been unable to find a home for her family that includes two foster children.

The tragedy of the family’s tale deepens when you know that the organisations who are supposed to be able to provide Pat with housing have sent her to a charity to seek assistance.

The Federal and State Governments have failed the people of Gilmore, by letting existing housing stock fall into disrepair and not updating local housing to be fit for purpose.

“Both Governments have had numerous chances to contribute towards fixing this despicable problem. The local housing challenges are well and truly on their radar, due to the actions of the local Greens Mayor Amanda Findley,” said Gilmore candidate Carmel McCallum.

“Gilmore will benefit directly from The Greens One Million Homes Plan. There is capacity and a willingness from the local councils for increased government housing investment all across the electorate,” said McCallum.

“People like Pat Roberts, who opens her home and fosters children, should be helped, not be delivered the cruel and heartless comment that ‘landlords don’t like foster children’. What kind of message does this send in a community that has been through so much?”

For further details or media interviews, please contact Carmel on 0414 392 660 or email: carmelforgilmore@gmail.com. Campaign call back: 02 7229 1283

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