Human rights exist at sea

Last night in the leaders debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese, it was like listening to two birds of the same feather as Labor re-confirmed its support for offshore detention.

Not only are Labor and the Liberals on the same page about opening 114 new coal and gas mines, ensuring handouts to property investors, continuing tax cuts for billionaires and keeping income support below the poverty line – they’re now on the same page about treating refugees and asylum seekers in the cruellest of ways.

People seeking asylum do not deserve this.

Once again they are being subject to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment for the political benefit of the Liberal and Labor parties.

Seeking asylum is a human right. With more people being displaced by war and the climate crisis, it’s never been more important to have Greens in the balance of power to create a fairer and safer system that helps more people seeking safety and meets our international obligations. Because we know the Liberal and Labor parties won’t.

I’ve visited Manus Island multiple times, and witnessed first hand the human rights atrocities committed there. This election has become a race to the bottom on refugee policy.

That’s why we need you. It is only with Greens in the balance of power that we make sure we can hold the next Government accountable. There are a handful of seats that are hanging by a thread, and we’ve lost seats by the slimmest margins before.

Too much is at stake. There is now only 18 days left to get our message in front of voters before they hit the ballot box. 

You and I know that the Greens are the only party who are currently fighting to put an end to offshore detention and Australia’s inhumane asylum seeker policy and to increase our humanitarian intake.

Toogether I know we can have a more caring and compassionate country. 

And it starts with us.

In solidarity,

Nick McKim
Greens Spokesperson for Immigration & Senator for Tasmania

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