Another attack on our wildlife!

There are almost 1,000 animal and plant species at risk of extinction in NSW. 

Despite this, we’ve just learned that the Liberal/National Government is introducing changes to the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme that will actually make it easier for developers to clear threatened species habitat. 

This could be another step closer to extinction for more of our most beloved critters – such as the Koala, Regent Honeyeater, Rock Wallabies and Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, pictured below.

They tried to keep it quiet but thanks to a fellow animal-lover we found out and convinced them to accept submissions until 3 May – so please click here now and make a quick submission for the sake of our threatened species!

The idea that critical habitat for our threatened species can be “offset” at all is a travesty. But these changes will make an already dodgy scheme worse through reduced transparency and less accountability. 

And these changes actually prioritise development over conservation and create a more permissible environment for financial misconduct at the expense of nature. 

Frankly, we’re getting pretty sick and tired of this government bending over backwards for their developer buddies at the expense of our unique wildlife and environment. 

Many have made a submission opposing the changes – will you?

Our wildlife can’t speak up so that’s why it’s so important you do and we know you’ll keep fighting every step of the way with me to save them from extinction.

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