THE RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION BILL 2019 – STOP! What’s that? Wait a minute….

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OMG! Oh My Goodness…It’s Sunday and goodwill to all, yes? What are they tinkering with now and why? Does my silence imply consent? Am I a quiet Australian…?

This needs everyone’s attention and to stay focused on the FACTS and not the salacious headlines. This appears to follow on from the US version of their bill and amendments and in my personal opinion… has wide reaching implications… not real helpful. See link.

The proposed bill would allow individuals, our health providers, our hospitals and even our businesses to discriminate or refuse treatment on the basis of religious belief.

Appears some groups are in line for attention under the bills reforms and news reports confirm this for example: Transgender persons. The concern is that once this path has been laid will it lead to other more awful practices like Mandatory Sterilisation? If you gasped and went ‘WHAT?’, it’s true research Japan for example.

This Religious Freedom review was conducted by an appointed expert panel and information contributed by fellow Australians. Here is the line up of this expert panel chaired by the Hon Philip Ruddock.

Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO is CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia.

Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM is President of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Former federal court judge and Bond University chancellor Dr Annabelle Bennett AO SC

& Nicholas Aroney is Professor of Constitutional Law at The University of Queensland.

Reading through many documents publicly available this struck me. 64. The concept of religious belief is not defined for the purposes of this Act. Religious belief is intended to include beliefs associated with major faith traditions (such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or Judaism) in addition to the beliefs of smaller and emerging faith traditions.

I asked myself the question in conducting this review, was it ‘fair’ and will it ‘benefit’ all? I note the lack of real expert representation from Buddhism, other Christian groups, Hinduism, Islam or Judaism and so on. They certainly have good experience, no doubt, however why just these four?

The whole review raises many questions does it not?

What happens if my Dr is Christian, I’m a Satanist and a life saving organ donor match is a transgender atheist? Answers on a postcard to the PM’s office. Here is the contact info as you may have some other issues to raise.

Credits to Wikipedia / Australian Govt – Attorney Generals Dept / AG Dept Documents / Friends chats & those to be impacted by this bill and are out actively protesting.

Religious Freedom Reforms  #ReligiousFreedomBill

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